Our goal is not to sell services, but to ensure that every business trip is marked with minimal risk and maximum benefit. So every penny invested in a business trip will be a benefit and passengers will return home safely. This is UNIGLOBE Travel Intelligence in 4 points:


B - Be Safe. Safe return from a business trip among your loved ones. In accordance with the GDR, we share the global location of passengers, send destination-oriented travel risk reports to their mobile devices, organize re-routing and, if necessary, evacuate economic flights, diplomatic and private jets from the endangered area.


E - Efficiency. Every cent invested in a business trip brings benefits. What gets measured gets done. We carefully and accurately measure the cost of each business trip, we perform quarterly and annual analysis of business trip costs. We discuss analyzes with our clients and set plans to reduce costs for the future.


L - Leadership. We can't do it without people. People at UNIGLOBE IC Travel are trained to approach their tasks with special care, with a focus on clients and their safe return home. The mental goal of every UNIGLOBE IC Travel manager is the safe return of our client home. The order of a business trip with us ends only when the client is safe at home.


T - technology. Global travel platform for purchasing and distributing services - GTP, developed in cooperation with the Israeli company Atriis Technology. Sharing the platform with traveling clients on a computer or phone. Cutting-edge technologies enabling global purchasing of services under the best possible conditions, passenger tracking and communication about the risks to which passengers travel, changes in the itinerary to avoid risks and possible evacuation by private flights, metering and cost reduction, free return service and service complaints from their providers.


The goal is for UNIGLOBE IC Travel to become the market leader in business travel within 2 years.